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Role of Public Relations During Pandemic

tyccAd | January 24, 2022 | Public Relations,Digital PR


The new normal is not as normal. Simple things we took for granted have been completely overhauled. In the trying times, PR went on to become a greater brand-building force.

But what role did PR play during COVID – let’s have a look –

Maneuvering through the crises

Considering the massive size of the industry, it’s not surprising that some agencies had a challenging year while some online PR services went on to do well.

During the initial stage of the outbreak, PR teams did a fabulous job for businesses. Some companies did not take crisis communication seriously, which proved to be a blunder for them.  The clockwork didn’t seem to be working well at these times. The companies that eased their customers did relatively better than the companies that didn’t show care.

It also depended on the kind of industry agencies catered to. Some industries sailed through, and when they reached the shore, they were in more demand, had more fame, and were paid more attention. On the contrary, some just fell flat and disappeared.

PR always could maneuver through the murky waters. This is why companies must seek PR to assure a better sail.

PR is economical

It is needless to elaborate on the kind of effect this pandemic has had on the marketing budget. Again, according to the business, there were both negative and positive results. While most industries struggled to get the desired result due to the backbreaking drop in the campaigns’ efficiency, in industries like healthcare, hobbies, and apparel PPC results were beyond impressive.

Ever since the pandemic, industries struggling with ineffective advertising and marketing have tried to find their safe space in PR. PPC was the most prominent form of advertising in the pre-pandemic market.

Since PR is cost-effective, even the smaller companies’ shifted their focus to it. The market has started going back to normal, but on its terms, now it will be the duty of people in the PR industry to keep people interested and make them believe they are worth the investment.

Evolved the relationship for good

The biggest strength of PR is to build relationships. This trait helped several businesses through trying times during the pandemic.

The solid, ethical people working in the PR industry are aware that to maneuver through critical times, it is crucial to nurture relationships and work as a team. Rather than blaming the situation and people – to get the work done, good agencies focused on building relationships and cooperating.

Agencies that sailed through their clients now have much stronger relationships with their clients. It was significant as it showed that you can be trusted.

This logic also applies within the company itself. During COVID, agencies experimented with striking a balance between PR, marketing, and social media. Those that succeeded centered their marketing mix on PR.

PR is bold. It is fiery!

If you are in PR, you have no choice but to be courageous. Such is the nature of the industry itself, somewhat like the spirit of Delhi – bold and fiery. That’s why Online PR services in Delhi are also like that.

To be worthy of coverage meant that you challenge the status quo. The journey of a pandemic that started from distraught went to recovery mode. It eventually sparked a reform that seemed to happen in a very organic way. The new social realities are not easy for the layman to understand. So, the people in PR will need to show organizations what the new realities mean and how can they adapt to them.

The companies that went with the bravado of the PR have built resilience. This did not only help them in their current situations but also prepared them for future crises.

Keeping them relevant

PR adapts before you can say, Jack Robinson. The swift response to the evolving customer needs to help the brands in staying relevant. Industries that are pivoting can stay afloat better when they have good PR. Take the gym chains for example, which offered home workout sessions or virtual bars started by the liquor brands. In surveys by the brands themselves, the customer admitted sticking to them because of the innovative approach and compassion they showed during the pandemic.

PR’s role evolved during the pandemic, it guided companies towards success by educating them about the new realities and market changes.

The companies that put their faith in their agencies sailed through, and now they are doing much better.


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