Top 4 Public Relations Strategies on Social Media

Top 4 Public Relations Strategies on Social Media

While social media is a proven platform for public relations, PR practitioners miss the beat to get extensive media coverage. Often, sharing the press releases, or breaking news on social media stimulates no response from either media or the targeted audience, thus, adding no value to the brand’s reputation. If this has been the case with you, your social media strategy to strengthen a brand’s public relations should be revamped.

Let’s dive in straight to what matters the most: essential winning social media strategies that help to improve public relations.

1. Do not post a press release: Instead, prepare a five or six-second video showing a glimpse of the event happened, or record a brief speech of any spokesperson from the brand. Press releases are, no more, meant for social media but news jacking does. Make event or launch of new product or service breaking news using a boilerplate! And media coverage is given to what is ground-breaking. Think of the ways how you can make a little achievement an innovative one.

2. Groundbreaking is not served on the plate: Not everything happening around a brand is groundbreaking. And that’s why PR is called an art. Everything that you share on social media should have a broad appeal and not restricted to one particular section of the audience which you specifically target. It might be big news for the people directly associated with your brand or business but how will it impact the daily lives of the larger audience? You have to be creative and diligent for brainstorming on this.

3. Public relations is always a two-way communication: Yes! And one must forge this two-way communication where the brand is personally building relationships with its customers and prospects, especially when it’s PR for Startup. All news, posts, updates you share on social media must bring along the user engagement. If it’s newsworthy or interesting, users will respond to it, sometimes negatively and other positively. Respond wisely to each of those and kindly avoid falling prey to controversy. If the followers comment negatively, tackle them with cool and calm as they have the right to do. It would be better if you convince them with evidence, logical reasoning and leave graciously if you are unable to. Social media is real-time; you are voiced whenever you choose to. Be quick without being scatterbrained.

4.    Portray the organization as a human: To improve public relations, one should act like a human who is ubiquitously active on social media. The brand customers want to interact with the brand or the team. Allow the followers to DM (direct message) you if required. Remember, you must build relationships with them first. Your audience must see you as a human and not merely a company. Settle down on a particular spokesperson and wisely interact with them on behalf of him.