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3 Customer Community Management Tips

Geeta Singh | October 3, 2017 | Social Media


Customer communities that spread across various online platforms offer a great multiplier effect for the message that a particular brand wants to share. Community managers are the professionals who handle these online networks available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to instantly create a favorable image for the brand by amplifying their message and reach the audiences through them as much as possible. Regardless of what the kind of community is, the key to successful branding is to convey a fun or authentic content that provides the community members with a sense of shared purpose and speaks their language.

Be it the customer communities on Facebook, or those at Twitter and YouTube, here are some powerful tips that will help out in managing them all.

Let them enjoy a sense of belongingness

One of the most important things that the customer community is made for is making the people feel comfortable and have a sense of closeness and belongingness with whatever is happening or is related to that particular platform.   And to build a community providing great support to the concerned brand, it’s important for the community management company to build a clear vision of what their concerned client’s brand customer community actually stands for, what they are looking forward at accomplishing and what is that relates them to the audience.

People should feel connected to the brand; their advices and comments need to be duly replied. While working in with any sorts of communities, the community management companies should make it a point to draft a message in a way that it motivates the community members to stay connected and spread across the concerned brand’s message. People should feel that their voices are being heard and they are not just buying the product but are also indulged in making or improvising it.

Get going with the real content

One of the most common mistakes that brands do while working with community management firms is that they view these communities as just another channel of advertising. The brands need to realize this major fault in their approach and change it to the one that delivers something that is more useful and benefitting to the customers, probable customers and community members as a whole.  Instead of continuously blabbering about the brand itself on each social media platform, it would be more benefitting to the brand to provide content that serves the needs of the community best.

Along with this, the brands also need to offer some sort of tangible benefits to the people connecting with the brand through a particular community. The community managers can suggest the brands to provide discounts, coupons and other such tangible promotional benefits to the community members so as to take the community far and wide across the whole digital arena.

Adopt their language

A community management firm ensures that the brand in concern speaks the same language and is audible in the voice similar to that used by the inhabitants of a particular community.  If it is a company dealing with the lifestyle industry, then the community managers hold in the duty to ensure that each and every content from the brand’s side, whether audio, visual or written should sync in well with their personality, style and creativity. The content needs to be something that the community understands the best. For example, one can’t promote a lifestyle brand with the community originally indulged with technical and scientific field. And even if it is done the result will be a complete failure, as the technical guys are not used to and will find it the casual language in the content inappropriate as mostly done by lifestyle brands.


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