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Relations between PR and media reap better benefits for brands | Part 2 |

Geeta Singh | May 1, 2019 | Public Relations


Smart words can reshape your world

Communication is the most potent weaponry for mass brands. The more a brand grows, the
more it relies on communication to develop relationships with stakeholders and the public. Every
single word that a brand share has an invaluable significance. The trust or goodwill of a
company is primarily the byproduct of the messages that it shares with the audiences, and
secondarily of the balance sheets or P&L accounts. An equivocal or unclear statement by a
politician may evoke fewer criticisms from media and opposition parties, but people never
forgive a business for hurting their sentiments. Indeed, words value more than they sound.

The marketing fiasco that the personal care brand Dove experienced in 2017 on social media
channels caused massive outrage, and many tagged it as “Dove racist ad.” Though the
message shared by Dove “the diversity of real beauty” was intended to showcase the
universality of the product, the visual elements couldn’t do justice to the ad copy. Thence came
all troubles and for the second time in a year, Dove handled the crisis with a humble apology.
And, the anger that Adidas received against “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!” The
the subject line of the e-mail that the brand has shared with the participants of the Boston Marathon.
This time not visuals, but words were the prime culprit for this communication glitch. It is to be
noted here that in 2013, the marathon was targeted by terrorists.

PR rescues a brand from all types of communication errors or flaws that many times occur
unintentionally, but put a brand into crisis. These glitches do not always come from the
marketing or advertising teams, on many occasions, even spokespersons utter words that go
against the values or image of the brand. That’s why, PR agencies always guide their clients in
a press conference, media interactions, and all those external messages that help them to
increase their reach in public. And, in spite of taking all precautions if a crisis occurs, PR does
everything to rescue the brand with effective communication strategies.

To be continued…


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