Digital Video Content: A Must-have Tool of Today’s PR World

Digital Video Content: A Must-have Tool of Today’s PR World

With competition stiffening up in the media and entertainment world, there are hundreds of digital services, all competing for attention and likes. In this environment, public relations (PR) firms face the humongous challenge of effectively telling and promoting the client’s story amongst the target audience, despite the presence of massive amount of digital content out there.  The previous year, 2017 stand witness how the video content gained massive popularity and led to the dramatic growth of applications like Snapchat and Instagram. Getting on this digital video trend, PR companies in India and around the world are integrating their PR strategies and producing their video content that can help them boom their PR campaign on online platforms.

In the traditional formats, the professional roles of advertising agencies and PR agencies were very clear and differentiated; while ad agencies designed and produced ads, PR agencies were entitled with the task of spreading the client firm’s marketing message among the targeted masses with the aid of best possible communication strategies. But on entering the digital forums, the roles of both the agencies have shuffled and blurred, they have all come together because it’s not just about creating content , it’s about creating relevant content that resonates with the target audience.

While everybody is jumping in to gain the most from the social media market, PR firms always have had an edge over others as they are earning attention, unlike others who are buying it. Continuing with the lead gained, PR Agencies need to increasingly get ahead with the creative and production process, too. It’s not about creating the top most content or the content involving the least of the budget, but instead it is of considering the content that has the potential to tell the brand story to the target audience in the best possible way.

It’s usually seen that PR firms prefer venturing out to studios and teaming up with brands to create video content. It’s quite a good strategy in the present scenario, but to stay ahead in the future scenes PR companies need to produce digital video campaigns on their own. This will not just make it feasible to create content in accordance to the needs and demands of PR agencies but will also make it easier to get changes done according to the changing requirements of the industry.

There is no doubt that the marketing value chain is witnessing a major round of transformation as digital trends drive the marketing budgets. And PR firms are getting the most of these transformations by integrating the innovative technologies to further enhance their storytelling skills and gain both the client’s interest and the target audience’s confidence.