Building a brand image in this competitive world is quite challenging and when you finally start growing in the market, maintaining the image is even more important. Many renowned brands attempt numerous practices to sustain their image and keep engaging with their audiences. The best and the easiest mode to engage with the audience is Digital Media. That’s why brands run digital marketing campaigns. The best SMO Agency in Delhi can assist you in designing such campaigns to drive effective results among your target audience. 

Here are 4 digital marketing campaigns that had a major impact on the audience and made it to the spotlight.

  • #TurnYourBack by Dove

Dove has been the title holder for its years of campaigning in the market. A brand known for its mission to define real beauty standards started another campaign named, #TurnedYourBack in March 2023 worldwide. 

In this era of beauty filters to get more quirky pictures, most people must have tried those cat faces while taking selfies. Dove used this trend, collaborated with Oglivy and David, and came up with this campaign, where they introduced a filter “Bold Glamour” that couldn’t distort any face. A face can be distorted if there is a ‘face’, so Dove asked people to #TurnYourBack to celebrate the natural beauty irrespective of facial structures. Within 72 hours of the filter trending, Dove activated 68 influencers, including actor ‘Gabrielle Union’ who took the campaign to THE OSCAR, by turning her back on the red carpet. 

This campaign made it to the spotlight as it surpassed the theme of the product, and talked directly to the audience by connecting with them on an emotional level. A digital marketing agency offers the best Social Media Services in Delhi and escalates your digital presence in the market. 

  • The No Show Room by Volkswagen

The best way to put your brand in your audience’s brain is to involve them with the brands. Interactivity solves your digital marketing puzzle taking it to new heights. This game of interaction was used by Volkswagen, Sweden, in their campaign “The No Show Room” published in January 2020. 

Customers might forget something funny or emotional, but they will surely remember if they participate in something. In this digital campaign, Volkswagen collaborated with the Swedish National Ski Team to create a real-life scavenger hunt with clues hidden in their commercials. The company hid one of their Passat Alltrack deep in the north of Sweden, and the first person to find it got to keep it. 

This campaign made it to the spotlight as it interacted with the audience with a grand gift to the one who won. This helped them hold the attention, and leave an impact on the audience. 

  • Burn That Ad by Burger King

It is not hidden that every brand wants to leave its competition behind and ace the race. This competition even ends up with the feeling of burning the competitor’s brand. Burger King used this feeling and made its audience ‘burn’ the competitor’s ads with their campaign name “Burn That Ad” in 2019. 

In this digital campaign, Burger King asked the audience to burn its competitor’s ads using the augmented reality (AR) features on mobile phones. Consumers only had to download the BK app, find competitor ads, and use the app’s AR features to (digitally) burn them, for which they would get a free Whopper from Burger King. 

This campaign received applause as it highlighted the new features on mobile phones, and increased the number of downloads of their app and the number of visitors in their stores to collect their whoppers. 

  • #SwiggyVoiceofHunger by Swiggy

Feelings have the highest voice with the unsaid words. Among all these feelings, Swiggy underlines the value of hunger after which they came up with the Instagram interactive campaign #SwiggyVoiceofHunger in 2019. 

In the campaign, they called out the foodies, to use the voice note feature of Instagram and recreate the shape of the 5 food items rolled out by them. This list of foods included Kebab Skewer, Fish, Nacho, Shawarm, and 21-stack pancake. The consumers who complete all five challenges stand a chance to win a mega prize in the form of a year’s worth of food vouchers. 

The campaign made Swiggy win the digital race as over ten days, they received 1.5+ lakh entries which increased Swiggy’s Instagram Followers by 30K and even crashed Instagram handle 11 times during those 10 days. 

Digital marketing is one of the best tools to take up your business in the market while you can engage with your audience. All the above campaigns are a few examples to prove the statement right. The best SMO agency in Delhi can help you in making the best trend-based strategies that can enable you to drive effective results for your business.


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