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Repetition can build reputation if you communicate messages effectively

tyccAd | June 28, 2024 | Public Relations,Digital Marketing,Branding,Digital PR,Social Media


When it comes to creating a buzz about your brand in the town, the best is to build a reputation. Building a reputation among the audience is more about playing with the consumer’s psychology with different practices. Among all, repetition is one such practice that effectively communicates the message of your brand, gaining an audience’s attention. You may forget ninety per cent of what you learn within thirty days – but you won’t forget that anymore after repeated exposure. When repetitive communications are done effectively they can turn out to build the image of your brand. A digital PR agency, an expert in creating and curating brand stories, can help you build a reputation by efficiently repeating your brand’s messages. 


Here are a few ways how repetitions can build reputation of your brand. 


Draft messages with SOCO 

Adrian Dearnell, a former anchorman, gave his theory of ‘Less is More’. He says that an effective message starts with a Single Overriding Communications Objective (SOCO), which is supported by three key points. As stated above, repetition can be annoying, but it is a must in an age where people consume information at a mass level. This situation can be coped with by drafting a simple but substantial SOCO-based message. 


By structuring the message this way, Darnell writes, “You can turn every difficult question into an opportunity to restate your message and come back to your point” when presented with inquiries from journalists and potential customers. 


Use different media forms, keeping context alive

Repetitions are indeed effective, but at times when it is too much, they are annoying. That’s why try different forms of media and change the style to communicate your message without losing the context and essence of the message. Every form of media establishes your message differently, enabling you to gain more audience presence and build a brand reputation.


Trust your content pillars

Every brand has its specific themes, colours and other content pillars which, when repeated with some sort of content and constant CTA, can drive a major impact on the audience, resulting in a good reputation and credibility among them. Repeated use of such content pillars makes your brand’s core values more recognised, forms an impression and connects to your audience. Any agency that provides services like digital public relations in Delhi can enable you to build your brand’s reputation and drive more engagement. 

To summarize

‘Repetition builds reputation’ and ‘reputation builds customers.’ Brands have been following this strategy to ensure their presence in the market and foster their credibility among their audience. Repetition of messages in communication is a valid strategy. It might seem annoying at times, but it works that any brand can use to increase its audience. 

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