Businesses are built on PR strategy & PR Management. We firmly believe in cultivating a relationship of trust that facilitates transparent communication among organizations. A fraternity of agile and creative thinkers, we passionately invest ourselves in putting our best foot forward to drive business and growth in a competitive environment.


At TYC Communication, we take a three-pronged approach to design a robust PR strategy:

  1. Client Support: Your problems are our problems. We aim to promptly identify the current gaps to be addressed through frequent client interactions and brainstorming sessions. We prefer to keep our clients abreast of the latest developments such that we may jointly explore ways to shine bright in the public eye.
  2. Media Support: TYC Communication leverages its well-established media network to innovatively deliver the brand message to its target audience. Our team is proficient in the operations of the PR media framework and quite adept at identifying opportunities to bolster outreach.
  3. Information Support: A dedicated of professionals keeps gathering market intelligence and industry updates to keep the client fully updated at all times. Should an opportune moment of PR communication present itself, these online sentinels will immediately identify it and alert the client about the golden egg.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What is public relations (PR), and why is it important for businesses and brands?

Public relations involves managing and shaping a brand’s relationship with the public and media. It’s important for building trust, enhancing reputation, and maintaining positive communication.

How can PR services benefit my business’s reputation, media presence, and public perception?

PR services can benefit your business by securing positive media coverage, managing crisis communication, enhancing brand messaging, and fostering positive relationships with stakeholders.

What types of PR strategies are commonly used, and how can I measure the success of PR efforts?

Common strategies include media relations, crisis management, thought leadership, and community engagement. Success can be measured through metrics like media coverage, sentiment analysis, and stakeholder feedback.

When is the right time for a business to engage with PR services, and how can they choose the right PR agency?

The right time to engage with PR services can vary, but it’s often beneficial at any stage of business growth. Choosing the right PR agency involves considering industry expertise, track record, and alignment with your brand values and goals.


Media Relations

A major part of the way in which a brand is perceived by the masses rests upon the media public relation. TYC Communication works with a reliable network of leading media houses and notable journalists with whom we share a rapport in good faith. This synergy allows us a transparent exchange of information, ideas & strategy which in turn equips us better to make your brand noticed by the audience. The media’s consistent requests to us for our clients’ inputs stand testimony to our dexterity at media relations management. We are confident in our ability to propel your brand name through the sky.

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2020 stands as an example of unprecedented crisis in the face of all mankind. Mitigation and response are critical aspects that follow any eventuality. We at TYC are armed to the teeth with tried and tested crisis communication strategies such that we may protect the client’s reputation without further ado. Even in delicate situations created by unfavourable circumstances, our team has proven its deftness at crisis communication management, which is no easy task.

We maintain that people are our greatest strength and we stand with our clients through trying times in upholding their prestige. TYC’s record of managing public relations through crisis remains stellar and lauded.

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Businesses have metamorphosed from physical operations to a digital modus operandi. The fastest way of getting messages across is by way of a few clicks and we need it now more than ever. It doesn’t matter whether it is a press meeting or a news conference or even an international press conference, we have got you covered with the best technological deployment at the disposal of this industry.

Thanks to TYC Communication’s superior connectivity, we are extremely well equipped to garner media interest in a short span of time with impeccable execution. Repute is gained not just by a display of ethics but also by way of conduct, and we at TYC are committed to making your disseminated information heard loud and clear to the relevant stakeholders.

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We partner with Lifestyle and Entertainment brands as the consumers are going more and more in-vogue. We have worked with world-renowned brands and have also been a part of the success of unicorns and startups. We have a dedicated team of professionals with proficiency in this segment who would serve you with both expertise and experience to lead you to success.

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We are cognizant of the challenges that start-ups face in their nascent stage including the much-needed investor funding. With the experience we carry as well as the talent pool we employ, we in the perfect position to harness our media relationships for your benefit. A keenness to foster ingenious ideas and a passion for brand management makes TYC Communication a popularly chosen PR agency for start-ups.

We believe in designing a competitive PR strategy for start-ups that is both – compassionate towards the creators and competitive in the markets. A balance of both unlocks doors to further mutual growth and a building of new long-lasting bonds with growing organisations.

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At TYC Communication we are aware of the passion and hard work that is invested into building a start-up from the ground up, and we are as enthusiastic about helping other start-ups see the light of day. If you are offering unique solutions to a rampant problem, you deserve to be seen and heard by the audience.

As a PR agency for start-ups, we unleash our capabilities in creating bulletproof strategies aimed at such start-up business development. We pride ourselves in having worked as channel partners for growing start-ups, who we successfully helped in raising capital when they needed it the most.

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Trust is like glass; it takes effort to build but only a second to break, and sometimes it is a rogue stone that does the breaking. Especially in an age of technological enhancements at the disposal of the common man. It is imperative to keep one’s antennae raised for loosely passed information on any digital platform that may be damaging to the social reputation of the client or brand.

As businesses with a vast digital footprint, it is of paramount importance that we remain vigilant against any misbehavior or attacks on the social media reputation of the brand or client. We at TYC Communication are committed to protecting our clients’ esteem with the best-in-class online reputation management practices and policies. We know you toiled for this, let us help you.

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A product launch is like the announcement of a newborn in a royal family. It is a joyous yet critical occasion for the family, there is excitement as well as apprehension regarding the revelation. Fortunately for you, TYC Communication is proficient at knowing exactly which PR strategy for the product launch will achieve the right balance with maximum public engagement for your benefit.

We will work with you even after the launch event is fully executed and keep garnering the interest of the masses with ongoing engagement on various media channels. We at TYC Communication are expert navigators in the PR waters and are well versed with grabbing media attention as well as providing thorough and interesting coverage for your product. You make the product; we bring the spotlight.

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Dissemination of information containing vital developments is a delicate task, and is not just limited to content, but also the manner of press release distribution. Be it a promotion in the senior management, annual financial performances, news releases, government policy changes, or even event press releases; you’ve found the right partner in TYC Communication.

Our team of writers is a diverse army hailing from all domains, which means you could belong to any industry or segment and we’ll be gladly writing a press release for you. TYC Communication knows the relevant channels of distribution and identifies the right maestro to get it professionally written for you.

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Have you got a product or service that needs to be ushered into the world like baby Jesus? Are you looking to run the best PR campaigns and launch with a bang? You have come to the right place! TYC Communication was born as a public relations firm and has over the years mastered the craft.

We love to create intriguing tales that communicate the brand experience artfully and precisely. Our focus remains on being relevant in our public relations campaigns, in a faced paced world that is constantly evolving with changing consumer habits. We have successfully run some of the best PR campaigns for clients who are industry leaders and from a variety of sectors.

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Businesses have moved base to the digital modus operandi and so have we. We understand that in order to outshine the rest and remain relevant in the market, the brand voice needs to be resounding on the right forums. At TYC Communication we are passionate about conveying your brand story to the masses through our content marketing strategy, which we tailor especially for you.

Our strategists, by virtue, give the brand positioning and client’s objective due consideration when designing a content marketing plan. As a content marketing agency, TYC Communication has invaluable experience in the creation and marketing of articles, videos, B2B content as well as social media content marketing. We’ve got all bases covered.

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In a result-oriented generation, why chase a cause? Let us clear the air for you. The objective of cause-related marketing is not philanthropy or charitable work, but a campaign sustainability-driven by the cause. At TYC Communication our brainiacs know the nuances of marketing such a model and work in synergy with organisations to understand their CSR goals. We strategize based on clearly defined objectives, set end goals, and charted points of action.

Our teams can help you with raising funds, creating strategic partnerships, or even communicating the ideas with the relevant stakeholders. We love creating a stir in the right circles, let us take up the cause for you.

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Community Management


One voice has the power to influence millions. As digital transformations continue to grip the world and the cyber fraternity expands multi-fold, a growing need for online community management is starkly visible. At TYC Communication, we love connecting people and brands through our expertise in communication.

We understand the value of social perception of your brand and our community management strategies are aimed not only at improving public engagement but also weeding out the unwanted. We take utmost care in handling sensitive situations as well as social community management in full accordance with the values of your organisation. Under our expert moderation, we ensure that nothing goes unnoticed and the brand voice gets noticed.

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Are you looking for a digital PR firm to help you grow deeper roots in the digital space? Look no further, TYC Communication is the gunner you need. Our armory is stockpiled with digital PR strategies, specifically directed at drawing eyes to your brand. As digital PR specialists, we have sailed these waters before and are perfectly positioned to steer your ship towards growth.

At TYC Communication our ardor for running communication campaigns (blended or not) motivates us to achieve mutual success with you. In the past, we have run several integrated campaigns comprising of content marketing, SEO, and Pay Per Click campaigns. With us brace yourself for rapid exposure and skyrocketing public attention.

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Communication is like the oxygen you breathe; it is essential for survival today. As you steer your organisation on the path of growth, it becomes imperative for the stakeholders, senior management& employees to be adequately informed of the deployed strategy and its outcomes. Fortunately for you, we were born a PR communications company and a knack for communicating with brevity runs in our veins.

At TYC Communication we have mastered the art of reaching out to a variety of audiences and interdepartmental executives belonging to various walks of life are no hurdle to us. We know how to break news, make announcements, make merry when your PAT goes through the roof and condone errors. Give us the information to be disseminated and emotion to be conveyed. Sit back, relax, and leave the corporate business communication to us.

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As a Crypto PR Firm, we recognise that a specialised business necessitates a specialised strategy. This is why we provide an extremely focused PR approach to our clients so that they may identify brand awareness inside the blockchain.

Our professional Crypto PR service focuses on engaging customers as diverse as corporations, content producers, financial institutions, and developers to highlight the blockchain as a dominant force in the modern world, delivering results where it counts.

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PR for Ecommerce

PR for Ecommerce

The success of an e-commerce brand is often measured through its coverage in the mainstream media and digital media. The top-notch platforms are leading publications, TV channels with national and international presence, radio, especially FM channels, and big social media influencers in the current digital era. When an e-commerce brand gets a significant number of coverage on all the relevant platforms, including the category-A media, its share of voice increases along with the high traction.

Being the busiest professionals on earth, journalists cannot cover an e-commerce company merely on the basis of its services. They cannot respond to everyone because of the shortage of time. But, if they have very close and friendly relations with someone, they reciprocate positively. So, the relations of PR professionals with journalists of the e-commerce beat play an instrumental role in making an e-commerce brand successful. That’s why we always connect our e-commerce clients with seasoned media professionals through regular relationship-building meetings and telephonic interactions.

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Digital Influence

Digital Influence

Digital influence is a social networking phenomenon which must contribute to some change or effect. TYC Communication provides Digital Influence services to aid in the capacity to make an impact, affect opinions and actions, and produce quantifiable results online. Reach, relevance, and resonance are the three conceptual pillars on which our digital influence services are built. Businesses will generate positive word-of-mouth, boost brand awareness, and ultimately have a lot more genuine impact on the purchasing decisions of other consumers with our successful digital influence plan.

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FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods)


The FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry is a significant part of the Indian economy. FMCG companies demand a quick-response PR team that specialises in increasing traffic and revenue.

We at TYC Communication are a strategic FMCG PR agency in Delhi NCR that works tirelessly to provide effective and all-encompassing PR solutions.

Our professionals are cognizant of the requirement of online and traditional media while pursuing industry trends.

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PR Company for NBFC

The non-banking financial company (NBFC) industry accounts for a sizeable portion of the Indian economy. Quick-response PR staff with expertise in boosting traffic and sales is required by NBFC companies. We at TYC Communication, a strategic NBFC PR firm in Delhi NCR, put in a lot of effort to deliver efficient and comprehensive PR solutions.

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PR for Automobile

As one of the leading automobile PR firms, TYC Communication works with brands to improve their operations through digital public relations, marketing, and creative strategy. We make sure that our marketing & communications initiatives provide quantifiable results by working with data-driven insights.

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PR Agency for Ayurveda

The Ayurveda industry is an essential and booming sector of the Indian economy. Ayurveda brands need a fast PR team with experience driving traffic and increasing revenue. To provide effective and complete PR solutions, we at TYC Communication, a professional PR firm for Ayurveda in Delhi NCR, put up much work.

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PR Company for Hospitals

Public relations in hospitals are crucial to advancing any healthcare organization's agenda. The healthcare sector is crowded with competitors, which makes it difficult to stand out. We at TYC Communication offer public relations services that aid healthcare organizations in getting to a point where they can stand out from the crowd.

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PR Company for Banks

After India’s adaptation to the liberalised economic policies, the B&F sector is one of the economy's key sectors. Well, for banking firms, an appropriate PR is essential to keep ahead of market competition and lure new customers by establishing a strong reputation in the marketplace. We at TYC, an established PR firm for banks, offer a strong PR plan to keep your brand’s presence active in the industry with improved consumer reach, high share of voice, and effective positioning. Our services also assist you in improving your connectivity with the netizens who prefer online banking. We empower banks and other financial institutions by creating a positive perception of the brand among the target audience and establishing strong relations with them. Our team has sound relations with the journalist of trade and finance beat and they spend substantial time on research, planning, and strategy formulation.

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