The power of social media today is second to none and its true potential is expanding every single day. About a decade ago, this form of marketing was only restricted to celebrities on social media platforms, but now the market is swarming with influencers online.


Partnering with influencers gives your brand access to thousands of potential buyers almost immediately. Since the buying decisions are now contingent upon recommendations and peer reviews, social influencers can draw public attention for you. Influencer marketing agencies, such as us at TYC Communication, network with many Instagrammers / YouTubers with humongous outreach and can therefore facilitate the execution of branding strategies.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What is influencer marketing, and how can it benefit my brand or business?

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with individuals who have a significant and engaged following to promote your brand or products. It can benefit your business by reaching a wider and more targeted audience, building trust, and increasing brand awareness.

How do I choose the right influencers for my influencer marketing campaign?

Choosing the right influencers involves considering your target audience, influencer’s niche or expertise, engagement metrics, and alignment with your brand values and goals.

What types of influencer marketing campaigns are commonly used, and how can I measure their success?

Common campaign types include product reviews, sponsored content, giveaways, and takeover events. Success can be measured through metrics like engagement rates, reach, conversions, and return on investment (ROI).

Are there any best practices to ensure a successful influencer marketing campaign?

Best practices include setting clear campaign goals, establishing transparent partnerships, authentic storytelling, monitoring influencer content, and nurturing long-term relationships with influencers.

Services that we
serve in Influencer Marketing

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Brands have been using influencer marketing since before it was even called so. Back then it was just bringing the good product to the good people – it was just networking. This however has dramatically changed.

Programs such as the Amazon Influencer Program and YouTube Influencer Program are platforms to connect reliable merchants with a certain social reputation aka an influencer. This reputation is then leveraged by clients to push their brand voice far and wide. TYC Communication makes this entire ordeal much simpler for you. As a PR agency, our relationships with influencers are deep-rooted and based on mutual trust. We brainstorm what you need and assign your brand a face that can communicate the quality and value to the audience online.

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If your brand or product is to be marketed by an influencer, maintaining a relationship of trust and commitment with him/her is as critical as the task of marketing itself. This strategy is derived from the parent concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which plays a major role in engaging with the customers to ensure they are delighted with the brand service

Influencers are your strategic partners and are therefore as important as your direct customers. A well-fostered influencer relationship allows a brand to maintain control over marketing without straining the bond itself. Brands must partner with only those influencers who have the capacity to sway their target audience. As one of the best digital marketing firms in Delhi, TYC Communication maintains stellar relationships with influencers such that brands such as yours may reap the benefits. Come grow with us!

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