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Innefu Labs

tyccAd | June 21, 2022 |


Client: Innefu Labs (Start-up / IT Security Company)
Onboarding: In 2014 for PR services
Client’s Expectations: To support them in growing and establishing Innefu as India’s most
significant IT security company and one of the most skilled IT masters globally.
Challenges Faced: It was pretty challenging initially as the company was a start-up, and
neither people nor the media were aware of its existence and leadership.
Strategies Employed: Our strategy for establishing Innefu’s presence in the IT business and
the start-up world was to showcase the company’s revolutionary technological products and
educate our target audience about their benefits to governments and society. We went after
different media outlets and introduced company’s security solutions as the pressing need of
the time amidst rising cases of cybercrimes and security breaches. Interviews and industry
stories were our focal areas to apprise the media about the knowledge and intellectual
strengths of the co-founders.
Work Testimonials: Let’s have a glance at a few coverage, we garnered for Innefu Labs.
Outcomes & Responses: When the founders connected with the media and shared with them
their security solutions, the media recognised how valuable they could be in the interest of
nation’s security. Later, they partnered with RBI, DRDO, CRPF, and other public institutions
of high repute. Also, the frequent media coverage drew the investor’s attention, and the firm
raised an investment of 2 Mn (USD).
Client’s Reaction: The client was so impressed that he introduced us to two more start-ups.


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