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Digital PR Challenges: Delhi Firms

Geeta Singh | March 12, 2019 | Public Relations


The juggernaut of digital technologies in the PR industry has raised the bar for PR firms in Delhi. The expectations of the clientele are going sky high whereas the interests of the target audiences swing in both favor and opposition of PR professionals. According to a report by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India, the PR industry is to attain a value of Rs 2,100 Cr by 2020. And, these changing interests and digital trends are going to pose significant challenges to PR companies in Delhi.

To begin with, the primary challenge that PR professionals face on an everyday basis is how to craft value-driven content and ensure its delivery to the right audience at the opportune time. Having an extensive network of reputed journalists, bloggers, and influencers is a must for content placement, developing the type of content that even journalists would love to pick, the audiences would like to read, and the businesses can get immense benefits is of paramount importance. Here, a size-fits all PR strategies and approaches are not going to help in audience engagement. What approach, then, is required? A data-based PR campaign and content strategy would be the right answer to this question.

Using data to Craft media stories

Data is the clout in the PR industry, even though data adoption is rather slow in the industry as of now. The relevant data about journalists and target audience gives meaningful and essential insights about them to the advantage of PR professionals. For instance, customer data helps one decide which media outlet should be used to obtain coverage and which journalist should be pitched. The data about journalists enable PR consultants in Delhi to understand the expertise, interests, and pulse of the journalists and therefore, leads to getting relevant and targeted coverage.

Make editorial quality epicentre

Now, prioritising editorial quality is the thumb rule in journalism and communication. The journalists are very selective about the stories and releases they received from PR professionals. Well-timed, accurate, and newsworthy content is still their first choice, be it in business journalism or society reporting. For creating such content, PR professionals must have precise brand information and data. As business journalism is leading the entire PR industry, advertorials and fake content are invading most media outlets. To minimise it and make journalism and communication more purposeful and authentic, journalists expect PR professionals to be credible and reliable sources of information. Their focus should not be solely on promoting a business, but on communicating its message to the audiences clearly and assertively.

Don’t miss the trends:

Leveraging the latest trends in specific fields such as fashion, automation, and education for gaining maximum visibility for clients is no less than a Herculean task for PR professionals. By the time they track trends, create content, and send it to clients for approval, the trends turn obsolete, and the golden opportunity for relevant coverage is missed. To deal with this, PR companies have to develop a master plan and work accordingly. In this master plan, the first thing is to familiarise yourself with the topics advocated or popularised by a particular journalist or influencer. The exchange of information revolving around a particular topic takes too fast to disseminate, go viral, and lose relevance. Therefore, PR professionals should stay receptive to trends in niche areas to craft stories relevant, well-timed, and of high quality. For this, they must have tools and data in hand. Good data analysis and the best implementation is the key to successful PR campaigns and content distribution.


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