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Got your Public Image ruined? Here’s what you should do

Geeta Singh | October 5, 2018 | Public Relations,Branding


From ages and ages, scams and sandals continue to ruin the Public Image of companies and organizations. Before the details of scams and scandals are stated clearly, the organizations often find their reputation being damaged bit by bit, thanks to social media. It has always been noticed that organizations regret their decision not to go for PR services beforehand as soon as their adverse Public Image is projected. Well, talk to any of the PR experts in Delhi and you’ll be told how crucial it becomes for a business to hire a reliable PR company.

Anyways, if you’ve already been hard-hit by any defaming act, you’re probably too late to hire a PR company. Or perhaps you are not! The best PR consultants in Delhi firmly believe that PR agencies follow a standard procedure to deal with every sort of PR crisis, even if you reach up to them at the last minute. All you have to do is share some crucial details and information with the PR team so that they can help you prevent strict legal actions or help you suffice the damage caused to you.

Restoring Your Public Image: Steps to Take When It’s Ruined

Prepare the dossier about the incident:

Before you schedule another meeting with PR consultants in Delhi, you should ensure that you have prepared a precise and complete dossier related to the event that happened. State exactly what happened, when, and how. You should also honestly write how the organization came to know about it, what previous statements from the officials have already been released, and any other information of significance. And yes, be true with the PR Company in Delhi and stick to the facts.

Gather necessary supporting documents:

Whatever you think would help your PR agency in Delhi to save the damaged Public Image and reputation. Sort out all the documents, data, statistics, photos, videos, and documents related to the crises. If you do not have it, it is best to build a team of analysts and researchers who will dig into all such information about your organization and the crises.

Develop a PR timeline:

Collaborating with your PR experts, you should mutually decide on a timeline as to what information should be rolled out in media, when to make public appearances, etc. The right time is so very important when your brand reputation is at stake. Therefore, think about the sensitivity of time and occasion, identify the right opportunity, and leverage it to the best. Just because you are availing PR services in Delhi, you should not hurry about calling media or responding to derogatory comments on social media. Remember, wise decisions are always made in peace.


In the digital age, preserving a company’s reputation is vital, and PR plays a crucial role in mitigating damage caused by scams or scandals. While it’s best to have PR services beforehand, even in a crisis, top PR consultants in Delhi can help restore the public image. By providing comprehensive information, gathering supporting documents, and strategizing PR efforts, businesses can effectively navigate through challenges and safeguard their brand’s reputation. Trust in the expertise of PR agencies in Delhi to handle any crisis and ensure a positive outcome for your organization.


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