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Strategies for Creating Engaging Digital PR Pitches

tyccAd | April 16, 2024 | Public Relations,Digital Marketing,Branding,Digital PR


Journalists and influencers have their inboxes flooded with PR pitches, received every hour. They don’t have enough time to look into each one of them. Therefore, one needs to create an engaging pitch that captivates them to go through it rather than ignoring it. 


A good ‘Digital PR Pitch’ can bring chances for your brand to get wider media coverage, exposure, authenticity and credibility. Also, it helps in building good relationships with journalists and influencers which indeed turns out to be beneficial for the brand. Creating such an engaging Digital PR Pitch requires efficient strategies that intrigue the receivers to read it. 


A ‘Complete’ Subject Line

As per Spinsucks, journalists open only 3% of all the media pitches received in a week. This directly points out the subject line of the pitch. If the subject line is complete and quite creative, it piques interest. Instead of using heavy adjectives, make sure that you use words that sound as if you know what you want to put forward and talk about.  


Do a Deep Research 

Before starting to draft your pitch, do deep research about your target audience, their specific interests, objectives and challenges. Go through social media platforms, online communities, and websites to explore more about the trends. This helps you in gaining more insights about your pitch. Also, learn about the journalist’s interests and frame your pitch in a writing style that they would prefer so that it increases your chances of success. 


Use Visual Elements

When only words cannot drive attention, visuals are aces in achieving the same. Incorporate pictures, videos or illustrations to make your pitch easier to understand. Ensure that they are high-quality and smaller in size so that it doesn’t bother the journalist in accessing the file. Digital public relations in Delhi helps in increasing your chances of being featured on social media platforms. 


Customise Your Pitch

According to the latest studies, 43% of the journalists and influencers receive more than 20 pitches daily out of which many are universal and general in language. “Hello, Sir!” is general which leaves a negative impression because they are aware of the fact that a pitch is not just to one but many, hence lose interest. That’s why it is better to customise your pitch. Many digital PR firms in Delhi focus on making a personalised pitch rather than a general one. 


Mention Valuable Resources

Your Digital PR Pitch should be offering valuable information to the recipient. Mention the unique resources your brand is going to use, and provide valuable insights that reflect the growth of your brand. This helps them understand the brand and the seriousness towards the collaboration. 


Take Follow-Ups 

It is okay to ask for follow-ups regarding your pitch but ensure that you do it patiently, and respect their time and schedules. You can send an email with additional information to support your pitch. This will remind them about your pitch and will leave a positive impact on your brand. 


Mastering the art of Digital PR Pitch requires deep research about your resources, insights and target audience to convince the recipient. Digital PR firms in Delhi have experts who help brands in creating such successful pitches. Digital PR is not solely about disseminating information but also about building relationships that resonate with your audience. 


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