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Are editorial calendars still relevant in PR?

tyccAd | June 7, 2024 | Influencer Marketing Tips,Public Relations,Digital Marketing,Branding,Digital PR,Social Media


During the early 2000s, PR experts used to ensure that they were giving the best media pitch to escalate their brand’s identity. To give the right pitch at the right time, these experts used to follow the editorial calendars to help them understand what a publication plans to cover so that they could place the stories for clients by pitching the media. These editorial calendars gave the PR team a clear picture of the content liked by the media persons of a specific publication so that they could pitch them the perfect story that could fit in the magazines and the newspapers. Many PR services in Delhi make the best strategies for your business to meet organisational goals effectively and efficiently. 

Relevance & trends

Editorial calendars held supreme importance in a PR organisation upon which the teams used to spend most of their time compiling the relevant opportunities from them into spreadsheets based on their clients. 

With the emergence of digital platforms, dependence on these calendars has declined. Since new trends keep emerging and the timeline of breaking news has sped up, media houses abandoned planning for content too far ahead. This is the reason why editorial calendars start losing their relevance these days. However, certain columns and sections can be drawn into editorial calendars turning out to be fruitful for good media pitches as media have specific sections for different niches. A PR company in Delhi has a team of experts who know how to make a good story idea to attract journalists and publish a brand’s growth trajectory or success story.  

A good story idea is a good story idea

Undoubtedly, editorial calendars were useful and are somehow still relevant to work on. But many times, a good story idea does not need a well-defined media pitch; the idea itself will draw the media’s attention, and they will publish it. Experienced editors say that an editorial calendar is a good thing, but it is also interesting to shift around for timely news/events and unique story ideas. However, even though PR professionals find it difficult to make a unique story, they can practice the following tips and develop story ideas to pitch to editors. 

  • Create a story bank for your clients. You never know when any idea can help to develop a story for your existing clients. 
  • Collect the news stories and file the ones you find attractive and spur an idea in your brain. You may discuss such ideas with your team and curate ideas for your story. 
  • Choose the right media person and publication where your story can be a good fit. When you know who you are pitching makes it much easier to develop a pitch that may be a fit. 

Final words

Editorial calendars are an old practice that has effective results in the world of good story ideas and media pitches. They are still relevant if used wisely with appropriate media pitches. When you continuously work on developing story ideas using the above-stated tips, then you can easily spark the media’s interest. Many PR agencies give you the best results with their PR services in Delhi that enhance your brand’s image in the market. Make your editorial calendar, draw unique story ideas, pitch them to the media persons and scale up your PR game! 


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