The marketing world has witnessed a major revolution in digital marketing with the daily upcoming trends. Amid these trends, influencer marketing has ventured into the digital media space making a strong impact on the audience. The upgradation in the trends didn’t stop and influencer marketing hit a new wave – Computer-generated Imagery (CGI) Influencers. 


They possess spectacularly realistic appearances and engage with the audience just like their human counterparts. They promote brands with their unique identity and enable them to establish a stronger digital presence. The best SMO company in Delhi can help you with the latest trends of the digital world to communicate your messages with the audience effectively. 


Let’s sail across this new wave and find out its futuristic relevance


What are CGI Influencers?

CGI influencers or virtual influencers have become the new public figures. Unlike their human counterparts, they are not flesh and blood but wires and operations. These digital beings use advanced 3D modelling, artificial intelligence and animation techniques. They are meticulously crafted and can be customised to possess any structure, colour, and even voice. Brands like Dior, IKEA, Domino’s Pizza, and many others are increasingly drawing to the idea of collaborating with virtual influencers which offers them unique marketing opportunities. 


Lil Miquela, Blawko, Shudu and Imma are a few of such CGI influencers who have made their presence and become household names among the audience and in the world of digital marketing. The best SMO Company in Delhi knows the absolute use of these influencers to boost the online presence of the brands. 

Immortality and creative control

The CGI influencers are utterly distinct from traditional influencers because of their immortality and unwavering consistency, which means they do not age, grow older, or undergo personal transformations – an advantage for brands to use them for long-term marketing strategies and campaigns that require continuity and reliability. 


Another advantage that these influencers offer to brands is exceptional creative control. When it comes to traditional influencers, brands have to look for them based on their personal preferences, which often leads to misalignment with the brand’s values. Unlike them, virtual influencers are completely under the brand’s creative control, which means they can craft the appearance of their choice to align with the brand’s values. This creativity control enables brands to represent their messages authentically to the target audience. 


In brief

The new wave of CGI influencers is looking to be the future of digital marketing technology. Influencer marketing with this revolutionary trend will surely make a huge impact on the audience. Digital marketers are actively using tools like Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and others to leverage online marketing. An SMO company in Delhi assists brands with data-driven strategies to scale up their businesses with online presence. 


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