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Content: The Key to Power Digital Marketing

tyccAd | July 15, 2022 | Digital Marketing


Digital marketing (DM) plays a major role in businesses escalating their growth trajectory through expanded reach and content plays a key role to clinch existing and potential customers. With the advent of digitalization in the era of ubiquitous technology, people have been more glued to social media and other online platforms than ever. The transformation has prompted businesses to restructure their strategies by increasing their online presence to reach out to their target customers.

Content catapults DM

While most of the DM strategies encompass bridging the communication gap between businesses and related stakeholders, how a message is communicated becomes of key relevance; thereby bringing content to the forefront. Content is a prolific medium that is cost-effective, and easy to develop. Marketers, especially digital marketers can easily rely on it for making long-term relations with prospects, winning their trust, and converting them into patrons. Simply, content can significantly improve the reach of any brand in its respective markets.

Content marketing is creating and distributing out-of-the-box content to attract, acquire and engage a chalked-out target audience, to achieve the basic goal of increasing the net profit of businesses. In the words of world’s one of the top content marketing experts, Joe Pulizzi – “Content marketing is not a campaign—it’s an approach, a philosophy, and a business strategy.”

Adding value to a campaign

With the content of any format – textual, graphic, video, or info-graphic – being the most key element to add value to an effective DM campaign, businesses across the world have been significantly increasing their budget for content creation. When it comes to DM, content becomes the principal generator of organic search traffic, enabling connection with inbound customers. Quality content gives a consumer reason to visit a website, thereby aiding to a steady interaction between a business and its prospective consumers.

One example of how content can impact a business’s marketing strategy is the DM campaign run by the popular social media management tool Hootsuite. Their advertising video titled “Game of Social Thrones” – derived from the popular web series “Game of Thrones” – caught the attention of the masses within a blink. The content also showcased that along with epic products and services, the company is making efforts to reach its customers at an emotional level. As rightly stated by the American communication strategist, Jason Miller – “Content marketing is no longer a numbers game. It’s a game of relevance.”

High customer attention

Interesting, engaging, and captivating marketing content has the potential to entice the attention of the target audience and motivate them for conversations. When a marketer starts receiving positive responses to the messages shared with the prospects, it can be anticipated that people want to know about the brand and they can be converted into customers. Quality content is created aptly for search engine optimization, which helps the brand spread its name. To reach out to the maximum number of customers Coca Cola once launched a campaign called “Share a Coke”, through which customers could personalize their drinks. While several brands got featured on the Coke bottles, through the tagline “Share a Coke”, the company successfully made its brand name common among the people.

In a nutshell

Content marketing becomes an effective tool when it comes to successful DM as it creates customer awareness, generates leads, and increases conversions. Some experts may claim that other marketing strategies can bring leads rather quickly, but one should not forget that businesses can’t survive without having some long-term goals, and content marketing is the perfect strategy to derive maximum returns in the long run.


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