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The Power of Performance Marketing for Indian Start-ups

tyccAd | July 25, 2022 | Digital Marketing,Startups


The way people search and purchase goods has been irrevocably changed by the internet. It goes without saying that digitalisation has dramatically influenced the sales and marketing of modern businesses. The opportunity to contact and engage more customers more frequently has increased with the emergence of multichannel marketing and the growth of online retail during the worldwide pandemic.

As a result, the Indian start-up and SMB ecosystem has crossed a technological milestone. It is now very vital for Indian start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, and wants to be entrepreneurs to invest in performance marketing for the well-informed world.

Today’s digital marketers have the amazing capacity to collect campaign data around the clock and monitor results in real-time. Data-driven attribution was previously practically impossible, but technology today allows marketers to improve the performance of their campaigns.

What is performance marketing?

The term “performance marketing” refers to internet campaigns in which advertisers pay marketing firms or ad networks based on the outcomes, such as clicks or conversions. Performance marketing is used expressly to drive activities, track and measure those actions, all while attributing the ROI of each asset, campaign, or activity, in contrast to traditional and organic marketing.

The majority of firms need to concentrate on the bottom line in order to be profitable, even though major corporations might spend millions on branding. The power is returned to the advertiser through performance-based marketing. Whether it’s a sale, lead, or click, you choose the activity, and you pay when it’s finished.

How is performance marketing helpful to start-ups?

A new league of start-ups and SMEs with a persistent interest in performance marketing as a new strategy for customer acquisition, customer reach, engagement, and conversion has emerged in recent times.

Performance marketing is becoming the most efficient growth tool and a preferred component of online marketing as a result of the start-ups in India’s unrelenting growth aspirations. For instance, start-ups can now efficiently increase their market share, targeted traffic, and audience engagement with less risk and expense by leveraging Google or Facebook’s Marketing Ecosystem. Start-ups are able to track each customer’s complete click-to-consume journey and determine which partners, channels, and areas to invest more money in order to get better results.

Performance Marketing Channels

Each performance marketing channel targets a particular demography and provides a range of advertising platforms to do so. For instance, in India, the Marketing Ecosystems of Google and Facebook are where more than 90% of Consumers first learn about a Brand. YouTube, 2+ Billion Websites & Apps Ad Inventory, Gmail, Google Play Store, and many other services are part of Google’s marketing ecosystem.

Facebook’s Ecosystem consists of millions of Web & App Ad Space Inventory Networks, Instagram, and Facebook. Google, the most popular search engine in the world with 2 billion searches per minute, receives more than 90% of all product or service searches. It becomes vital for start-ups to carefully utilise the full potential of these promotion platforms as an advertiser and business owners.

Advertising on platforms like Google and Facebook has already grown expensive, and it will continue to increase, given the current boom. The cost per click on Google has increased by two times, and the cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) has increased by two times as well, directly raising the cost per acquisition on this digital marketing platform. Most firms whose average order value is below their average acquisition cost are unable to take advantage of this marketing opportunity.

Additionally, as more marketers compete for attention with the platforms’ stagnating user bases, the expansion of internet users is not keeping pace with that of online advertisers, which drives up the price of advertising.

The gist

Therefore, it is essential for start-ups to utilise the full potential of performance marketing and data analytics in order to digitally attract a consumer. Performance marketing is going to be, without a doubt, the quickest method of acquiring customers, whether it is today or in the future.


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