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What is Personal Branding and How to Do It?

Geeta Singh | April 3, 2018 | Branding


Who doesn’t want to become a renowned personality? Well, everyone does! Be it the famous motivation speaker Robin Sharma or Anita Dongre, the popular fashion designer, people are being ambitious today to have a strong online presence. While some are busy in marketing their products, some are digging up the different ways of branding their values – personal branding is everywhere!

What is personal branding?

It’s all about creating a brand of you, your skills, your talent, your values and most important- your unique identity. Personal branding is a time-consuming process of making oneself familiar with a large audience online.

So if you are a writer, you should reach out to the people until they themselves recognize you as a great writer when you are not around them (and when they are not reading stuff about you). In such a case, you would become a brand. And personal branding is one digital marketing practice through which you can leave a long-lasting impression on the target audience.

What personal branding is not?

Personal branding is not simply about creating a vivid brand of an individual only. Many organizations encourage their staff to build individual brands of themselves because this would create better networking opportunities within an organization as well as outside. The employees who have the attention of the large audience eventually drive all the eyes to the organization also when people ask them, “Where do you work?”

How to do it?

Getting hands on all tricks and techniques to do personal branding effectively is not that easy and not that tough as you may think of it. You should have a clear picture of your target audience, the right ways to reach them, and the kind of impact you want to leave them with. If you are to begin doing personal branding, focus more on the following initial steps before grounding the branding plan.

Know yourself

First of all, you must know yourself well. Who are you? What is your expertise? What remarkable qualities do you have? Why should people search you on the internet? Can you help people in any way? If yes, what is it? Do you have online competition? If yes, how stringent it is? What makes you outshine others? It is very important for you to know yourself beforehand so that you make yourself stand apart from the rest. When you find the answers to all the previously mentioned questions, you can generate a great elevator pitch for your brand.

The target audience

To begin personal branding, you must kick-start the processes by making the first step- get to know your audience type! Never believe that your offerings are meant for everyone. If you aim to motivate people working in the corporate sector, your podcasts, videos, and articles would not necessarily help the school teachers. Therefore, you should precisely know who your target audience is. This would help you a great deal while designing strategies for personal branding.

The Impact you want to leave

What impression do you want to leave on your audience? Do you want them to read your articles whenever depressed? Or do you want them to recall what you said in your last video? Your objectives behind creating a brand would define your personal branding strategies and help you find the right ways to reach the target audience. Social media creatives, podcasts, blogs or website- which one would first attract your target audience and keep them tied up to you for a longer tenure?


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