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How to Build a Clean Brand Online for Long-term Benefits (ORM)?

Geeta Singh | March 22, 2018 | Digital PR


Ranking on Google’s first SERP is a big win-win situation for your organization, but what if you are being ranked for not-so-good reasons? You surely would not like to become renowned for poor management of client projects or having fifty recent complaints posted on online forums. Building brands online is easy, but maintaining the business brands clean from spam complaints and poor reviews is challenging, especially when the competition is fierce.

Your brand can be harmed if you forget to track your mentions and the user-generated content being published and disseminated worldwide through digital platforms. So, here is a quick guide for you to create, manage and optimize the clean brand of your online business.

  1. Run a brand reputation analysis:

It is extremely important for you to first identify the ones who can smear your reputation online. Can it be any of your unsatisfied customers or an upset former employee? To know who is saying what about you and to which extent your reputation is being supplanted is necessary before finding the preventive measures. For this, there are many online reputation management (ORM) analysis tools as well as ORM specialists to help you out with the examination of your brand’s influence on the target audience on social media and other online channels.

  1. Look for online reputation management (ORM) practices:

Once you are done with the comprehensive analysis of your business brand, it’s high time that you devise effective strategies and implement actionable ORM practices for cleaning the online reputation. Try managing negative reviews of your products and services, reducing the Astroturf activities in Search Engine Optimization, and reporting the false accusations made about your organization in forums and discussion threads. Creating ORM-centric content and publishing it across popular online channels where your target population is present should be the main practice in your ORM campaign.

  1. Define & implement a plan of action:

Should you first report the spam content published online about you or should you first start supplanting the good words about you? Manipulating the search engine about your website and the reputation damaged would hardly yield smart results. You must craft a clear, achievable, and effective plan of action for running your ORM campaign. This must include content creation & marketing, scheduling of the social media posts, gaining honest (preferably good reviews) reviews from your clients, and handling the smearing agents politely.

  1. Keep your website’s performance under scrutiny:

How your website is performing online whenever it is accessed by users, what sort of quality links to your website are created, or are people liking your content published on third-party platforms, products offered and services delivered? You must track the entire positive and negative buzz about you being created online. Leverage the ORM tools and the professional firms offering ORM services to obtain a complete report of your brand’s online reputation. Just to start, you can take the help of Google Alerts to stay updated on what’s being said about your company, services and products.


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