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What is the difference between basic SEO and advanced SEO?

Geeta Singh | March 16, 2018 | Search Engine Optimization


Most of the people nowadays face trouble in understanding the difference between basic SEO and advanced SEO. And, for SEO experts and digital marketing companies in Delhi, this isn’t surprising as on a daily basis they are facing trouble with clients in understanding the SEO related terms and their respective functions. But accurately speaking, these are not completely different from one another but instead are all related to one another and form the various levels of the SEO world.

Let’s study in detail the optimization techniques of the website starting from the basic SEO and then going to the advanced SEO techniques:

Basic SEO Optimization

Similar to its name, the basic approach to make the website SEO friendly includes all the easiest most needs and requirements of the search engines that should be there on the website. This usually includes the following aspects:

  • Every page of the website need to comply with these basic SEO requirements like, title and description in meta tags, usage of headings and titles that can be easily understood by a search engine, appropriate coding of social markers like that of Facebook & Twitter, make it crawler bot accessible and multi-device ready responsive pages.
  • Inscription to major search engines
  • Website speed optimization
  • XML sitemap to describe your website structure

In every website, these basic attributes need to be included and that’s what is being done in every website’s development process by the best SEO company in Delhi. Beware! There are cheap website developers too in the industry that don’t take care of the stuff and are fooling you in the name of SEO.

Advanced SEO optimization

As the name suggests advanced SEO is way more ahead than basic SEO and takes into account many more variables than the latter thus, improving both on-page and off-page factors with more power and efficiency. With being more beneficial this system of advanced SEO is more complex, technical as well as time-consuming, too. But the more the details are worked on the more the website is made unique and acceptable to the SEO.

Quality content is king these days so whether you go for basic SEO optimization for your website or for the advanced SEO approach make sure to have your hired digital marketing company and SEO experts in Delhi deliver you with the content that is interesting, easily understandable and worth sharing on various online portals.

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