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When is it the right time for startups to hire a public relations firm?

Geeta Singh | January 3, 2022 | Public Relations,Startups


After being sure of the fact that startups should hire a PR agency for themselves, one of the few questions that arise in the mind of the startups is that when should the hire these firms. It has to be understood that all PR firms do not have the all the qualities that are required in PR firms for startups. For an established company, the brand image and company reputation is most important, and for a startup, the introduction of their product in the correct way via the best media is important. Startups are different from big, old and established companies. Therefore, there are various things that they keep in mind before they hire PR firms for startups –

  1. After utilizing their own resources

 Startups should always try to use their own resources, connections and networks first. They should ensure that they have given their best efforts and got the maximum media coverage that they themselves could. After all, hiring a PR agency requires funds, and startups always have a fund constraint.

  1. Product availability

Startups have to ensure that their product is not just a prototype anymore and is available for at least the minimum demand they are expecting by hiring the PR companies. They have enough funds to handle all sectors like the production, operations, service, etc. that they are expecting from the marketing expenditure that they are making.

  1. Affordability

Startups have to ensure that hiring PR agencies will not hamper more important aspects of their business. The startups are in a place, where they can afford the right PR agency for startups that they need and are not settling down for a lower option. Waiting for the right agency which can help them in their problem solving is better than wasting its funds by investing in the wrong agency.

  1. Ask questions

The startups should ask themselves questions like – Should they hire an in-house PR person or hire someone from the outside, can they trust someone else to understand the brand as they do and do justice with it, do they need larger networks, do they need more forms of media to market their product, can they handle more orders at the stage they are in. The answers to these questions will help the startups to understand whether it is the right time to hire these firms or not.

  1. Get the startup objectives clear

Startups should not follow the competitors in what they are doing. Remember, that the competitors are also beginners. It is good to learn from their mistakes. It should be always clear, that the goal of the startup is not getting great media coverage; it is to be the best at what they do.

It is undoubtedly important for the startups to hire PR companies, but it is also important for them to know the right time for it. Growing too fast can be short-lived, and no startup wants to die quick. Startups should wait for the right opportunity to take the right decision.


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