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4 Strategies for Video Marketing: Tapping on Right Techniques

Geeta Singh | December 26, 2021 | Digital PR


When it comes to obtaining instant business leads, marketers heavily rely on video marketing as one of the best digital marketing methods to visualize basic content into creative ad clip that sells. With a record of 77% of lead conversion rate, video ads have become a second hand of marketers to imprint a long-lasting impression on the minds of customers-cum-viewers.

If one crafts a curated video ad that is visually creative; demonstrates the products or offerings professionally; and powerfully enforces brand’s values holding the viewers’ attention throughout the ad, viewers (who may have turned regular customers) easily form a connection with the brand. They can locate or recall the brand through only a glimpse in the metro corridor or the full-size banner on the roadside building. Take the example of Airtel 4G video ad that went viral last year. Airtel 4G ‘SabseTez” ad drove millions of viewers, and lakhs of 4G internet subscriptions as soon as the ad released on air.

That’s the power of a powerful video ad! Now, question arises, how to create such ads? We have brought four main strategies that you can implement in your next video ad creation that would sell your brand at never-before value:

  1. Assess consumer behavior for first five seconds of video ad

Youtube is the hot spot for running effective video ad campaigns as the majority of the population spends 8 hours a day surfing on the video-sharing platform. However, the Trueview ad comes with the option of skipping ads after first five seconds of the ad. Marketers see these five seconds crucial because the viewers are extremely focused on the ad until they eventually decide to opt-out of the ad. Therefore, you should design your video as per the behavior of your target audience and let them take an impulse-driven action. Show them first what they crave for. If your audience is constituted of fashion freaks, show them an exciting dress or neckpiece that is not otherwise easily available in your online store in first five seconds along with the option to “Shop now” or “Click to shop”.

  1. Exciting rhythm and tone to take action instantly

The background tone, rhythm, or music is equally important to make the viewers click on “Shop now” button. A slow tone or dull music or dialogues get a yawn from the viewers. Pacify the rhythm of the music or bring enthusiasm in dialogue delivery. Sounds like “tick-tock” on the limited offers on sale or purchase, the quick burst of cuts and camera clicks encourage the viewers to take some action as these imitate the flow of time and give the feeling that users might miss the chance to grab a great deal. This is one good strategy to influence the consumer psychology and turn the leads into conversions.

  1. Simplify the story and guide them how to take action

Wherever you are running the video ad campaign, the first thing you should do is keep the entire story simple. Show them your offerings in an innovative and easy-to-understand story, and instruct them throughout the ad what exactly the interested viewers need to do when they wish to purchase from you. The impressive call-to-actions such as “Get party-ready, Shop now”, “Wear it now or never”, “Don’t miss the golden strike, click to shop” guide the viewers that need to click on a specific button or the ad that would direct them to either your website or a landing page specifically created for shopping.

  1. Target the audience as per intent basis

The biggest mistake marketers do while setting up video ad campaigns is that they not carefully identify the interested population to which video ad should be shown. Again, one has to do a thorough research on the interested users through Google analytics and keyword planner. How many keywords related to your business are trending, from which region the related searches are being made on regular basis, what traffic is being driven to your website and what sources of the traffic are. Such kind of research would help you find the relevant and potential users who might be interested in your products and services as they have intent to explore and purchase. Showing them your video ad would instant attract and convert them into your customers.


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